Hyperdesk - Star Trek TOS

Hyperdesk - Star Trek TOS 1.0

This is a Star Trek The Original Series desktop theme
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Now every fan of STAR TREK can own the official STAR TREK Windows XP desktop theme designed by The Skins Factory's Hyperdesk division. Completely transform Windows XP with 3 STAR TREK desktop themes that change your desktop into 1 of 3 Starfleet divisions - Command, Engineering or Sciences. Featuring a STAR TREK widget audio remote for iTunes/Windows Media Player 11 that includes transporter animations & original series sound FX. Includes: Over 30 custom designed STAR TREK desktop icons that stay true to STAR TREK canon and newly rendered shots of the Enterprise (based on the official models & textures provided by CBS Studios) on 3 different custom STAR TREK wallpapers (plus 3 variant editions).

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